The happy hour keel fish is probably one of the fastest boards i’ve even ridden. they love some nice flowing surfing, big turns are not an issue and you’ll probably never find a better down the line tube board. The fish was born from a kneeboard so wants to be ridden as short as possible to really get the feeling it’s supposed to have. and classic shape that will never get old and a go to board for almost every wave type.

Glassing: 4x4x4 or 4x4x6

Rocker: flat rocker

Concave: Single to a subtle double concave with a deep vee running through the fins and off the tail.

Tail: deep swallow tail

Fins layout: twin keels. I'd recommend glass on keel fins, but fcs2 or future boxes are available.

Skill level: All levels

Waves: Beach Break, Point Break, Reef Break

WAVE HEIGHT: 1-5ft +

All board are custom made so give me an email and we can discuss the perfect size for you.


jordan griffin